Size guide

Below you can find the bed linen sizes recommended for your country.
If you have a comforter or pillow that is slightly different in size to ours, we recommend that you choose bedding with a size difference of up to 10 cm, preferably a little bigger than you need, but a little smaller can also work, without that you notice a big difference.
Country Single Duvet Double Duvet Pillowcase
Denmark 140x200 & 140x220  200x220 & 240x220 &200x200 60x63 & 50x70
Norway 140x200 & 140x220 200x220 50x70
Sweden 150x210 220x220 & 240x220 50x60
Great Britain 140x200 200x200 & 240x220 (King) 50x70
USA 220x220 (Full) 240x220 (Queen) 50x70
Netherlands 140x200  200x220 & 240x220 60x70
France 140x200  200x200 & 240x220  50x70 & 65x65
Germany 140x200 & 155x220  200x220 & 240x220 &200x200 40x80 & 80x80
Japan 150x210 240x220 50x70
Switzerland 140x200 200x200 & 240x220 50x60 
Finland 150x210 200x200 & 220x220  50x70& 50x60


Vi bruger kun single-ply tråde, langfibret bomuld i 300-400 trådtrælling.

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