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6 Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Bedding From Homehagen


At Homehagen We Pride Ourselves On Our Unique Designed Bedding Using High Quality Long Stable Cotton, Incredible Comfortable Luxury Sheets And Duvet Covers At Prices That Will Make You Smile.




1. “Incredible  Bedding Shouldn’t Cost a Fortune”


Homehagen was built on the philosophy we all deserve well designed, beautiful, high-quality bedding that has a point of difference at a fair and accessible price. Their Single Duvet covers and a pillow case start at around 649.-dkk, are spun from luxurious long-staple cotton, and feature innovative designed details.


2. No Risk, All The Benefits

No more spending time searching the stores for that unique product, Purchase online and get the bedding delivered straight to your door, hassle free.

Plus, Homehagen is so confident you will love their products, they offer free returns and a 2 year warranty on their Bedding and blankets.


3. They’ve Re Designed The Traditional Supply Chain

Homehagen uses a direct-to-consumer model. This means they cut out the middlemen and bring you high end, luxury, innovative bedding, passing their savings on to you. 



4. You Can Mix And Match To Create Your Own Identity

All the deigns play well together or apart, so you can mix and match them for the bed of your dreams, the colour palette is also balanced and dynamic, fitting seamlessly into any home.



5. Started out of the desire to find unique bedding

Jan and Henrik were looking for incredible bedding that could make a difference to their home, design and quality were key factors along with Eco friendly values, it also shouldn't cost a fortune. When they couldn’t find it – they created it.


6. They Did The Work For You

Homehagens founders spent countless hours designing and sourcing the perfect products, meeting with manufacturer that could get it just right.

The result? A unique product that has its roots in Scandinavia, made from amazing qualities, that will only get better with use, that are very competitively priced and have strong eco values.


Now You Know Why HOMEHAGEN Is The Only Choice, What Are You Waiting For?





Vi bruger kun single-ply tråde, langfibret bomuld i 300-400 trådtrælling.

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Gratis fragt på alle ordre over 349.- Dkk. Leveringstid er 2-3 hverdage ,Gratis returnering

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